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Whether you are an independent contractor or an employee, you will have a greater understanding regarding the challenges and legalities of transporting hazardous materials. 

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Knowledge and compliance are critical componets of transporting hazardous goods. Our courses below ensure that your drivers meet those two important requirements.

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1a HazMat Driver Training

This online course covers the DOT needs to transport non-radioactive, non-placarded shipments on US roadways. It will cover the DOT General Awareness, Function Specific, Safety and Security requirements for drivers. This online course and test take approximately 30 minutes to complete. 


1b Bundled HazMat Driver Training

This bundle includes the non-radioactive online course (1a) as well as the radioactive online course. The radioactive course qualifies the driver for the safe transport of Class 7 radioactive materials.


2 HazMat Decision Maker Training

This course is designed for decision makers to safely accept shipment alerts and approve carriage..